Rat Extermination in NYC

From time to time, it is inevitable that you will have to deal with a variety of issues caused by common and uncommon household pests. However, in most cases, the problem at hand may be quite larger.

This is especially true when you are dealing with rodents and especially rats. There is no need to be worried though as you can always count on our pest control services to take care of everything you may need. Just give us a call on the phone or fill out our easy online web form to get more information and set up an appointment. We are your go-to NYC rat control exterminator.

We Get Rid of Rats

For some homeowners, the existence of rats is nothing but a nuisance. Unfortunately, the reality of this creature’s existence in a property is even worse. Rat may look cute especially when you see them kept in a pet store – or even on TV. But when they become your roommates, this is when things start going from bad to worse. They contaminate your food, destroy your belongings, and can make you and your family very sick.

There are a several diseases that rats may bring to you and your family and these diseases are spread through droppings, saliva, and urine. The same thing can be said with materials they used for nesting which is already infected. A number of these diseases include the likes of Hantavirus, listeria, and salmonellosis.

Although you may not have heard of these diseases before, an infestation coming from these unpleasant creatures can easily be spread and are considered deadly.

Sure, you might think that the problem is not too bad right now. In fact, most homeowners are fooled into believing their home only has a single mouse inside. While it can be possible, the existence of even just one female mouse is already synonymous with 60 babies a year.

And if you let such a horrifying thing happen, the problem will indeed go from bad to extremely bad and serious. Moreover, these babies will soon have mouse babies of their own, making the problem grow exponentially.

Furthermore, rats are deemed a very harmful guest in your home, and there is a reason why they are also called rodents. This is because they love to chew on anything possible, with your electrical wiring being a perfect example. And if they happen to chew away the wiring’s insulation, the chances of an electrical fire are high. As a matter of fact, one 1 of every 4 house fires is said to have been caused by rodents.

We Also Get Rid of Rats

Like mice, rats also pose a problem for many homes and businesses and are considered extremely unwelcome guests. Apart from being destructive in nature, their feeding and nesting habits involve the transmission of serious diseases.

Most people are often alerted to their rat infestation, after they see a live rat or a rats droppings. If you see or experience these said issues, then it is very likely that your house is home to a healthy rat population.

At the end of the day, it does not really matter if you are dealing with rats, rat control, in essence, is indeed a serious matter that needs to be dealt with. The fact that it may involve the health of your family and may cause damage to your home, there is no better time to call for professional exterminators than today. Do not wait for the situation to worsen. Let an expert technician of ours do all the investigating and the heavy lifting to solve your mouse or rat problem!

We Are Your Rat Control Exterminators

We have years and years of pest management knowledge, with rodents being a top priority. We know and understand how these creatures can bring devastation to any home or business. This is why our highly trained team of exterminators is always here to provide you with a cost-effective and permanent solution. You will also be entitled to preventative and proactive pest management programs, which are tailored-fit to your property. Apart from being extremely vigilant to results, we combine proven and tested techniques using cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate rodents. All of these can be your property’s greatest asset in fighting rodents and other household pests. We have all the experience necessary to meet the most strenuous demands of mouse and rat problems in New York City.


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