Raccoon Removal NYC

Raccoons are very common in New York City. And unlike in rural/natural areas, these creatures may appear larger because of how much food is available to them in this great city of ours. In New York City, the raccoon population is much higher too which really poses a huge problem for property owners in all 5 boroughs.

Neighborhoods have become infested by raccoons in the recent years.
High numbers make the entire removal and trapping process for property owners and pest control professionals even more challenging.


How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Interestingly enough, these animals are clever and very skilled in nature. They can easily get into places, especially the ones they do not really belong. This may include, but is not limited to, attics, chimneys, decks, garages, roofs, and sheds. Raccoons are considered to be determined creatures, a trait that often causes a significant amount of damage in just a short period of time.

Apart from causing costly property damages, they also come with health and safety risks applicable to both humans and pets.

Raccoon’s Learning Abilities

Once a raccoon manages to learn the ins and outs of a place, it can be very hard to keep them at bay. Raccoon activity can result in major repairs. An ideal solution is to opt for exclusion measures and permanent raccoon removal. This is where we can greatly help you. For years, we have learned every possible method of controlling and removing raccoons.

Otherwise, we would not be coined as the city’s number one provider of NYC raccoon control and removal services. We have a team of experts equipped with the right knowledge and state of the art humane trapping equipment.

Our relationship with the industry’s finest has also helped us get updated with all the latest trends and technologies. All of these allow us to provide permanent solutions that are guaranteed to resolve all your raccoon woes.


How to Identify a Raccoon:

This might be a no-brainer but it is better to know a thing or two than being completely ignorant when dealing with a raccoon problem. Raccoons can be easily recognized through their black and tan striped tail. More importantly, they are very identifiable, as they seem to wear a “burglar” mask over their eyes. Still, being barely active at night makes them a pain to identify.

This is where our raccoon control experts can lend you a hand. They have eyes trained to identify a raccoon and easily, so you will know what signs to look out for and confirm that is in fact a raccoon causing your problem and damage.

Do Raccoons Harm People, Pets, and Properties?

Yes, they do, and they do this to achieve shelter in the aforementioned locations. Their stay is synonymous with damaged wire coverings and torn roof tiles. If your property has a garden or stalks of vegetable plants, they may get broken and destroyed. This is because these creatures love to feed on fruits and vegetables, stripping them day and night.

Even corn farms have reportedly experienced widespread destruction caused by raccoons, as they enjoy eating grains and sweet corn off the cob Moreover, they are known to dig through watermelon plants and will even scoop out the fruit using their razor-sharp paws. Chicken coops, in particular, often fall victim during the presence of a raccoon or even worse, a group of raccoons.

When these pesky and aggressive animals are hungry, they are instantly capable of breaking fence latches in order to find their way inside.
And once they get in, expect birds, eggs, and even nests to be totally destroyed.

Control and Safety

To keep these furry animals away from homes and property, we use different methods that are tailor-fit to your property’s needs. In some cases, we will ask you to eliminate food sources, as these always draw them near.

Also, we will encourage you to place trash bags in a more secured bin which should be equipped with tight-fitting lids. Pet food, on the other hand, must be left outside overnight.

Trapping and Removal

In most state, these creatures are protected furbearing animals. They even have additional legal protections just like most game animals in every state. This is where certified wildlife specialists like us come into rescue, as we are licensed trappers equipped by the law to remove, dispose of and eliminate all your problems caused by a raccoon.