Do you hear sounds in the attic, crawl space or eaves? In case you did not know, those scurrying sounds in said areas may well be squirrels. These creatures love to invade properties, particularly walls of structures. Do not wait for them to do great damages to your household. Seek expert squirrel removal in Brooklyn NY by calling Pro Pest Control NYC.

What You Need To Know About Pest Squirrels

These pests are basically divided into three groups for classification: tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels. Species that fall into these groupings are capable of causing extreme destruction on lawns and in homes. In fact, some of them that regularly come into contact with humans and manmade structures include the likes of eastern gray squirrels, fox squirrels, and red squirrels.

As far as their appearance is concerned, the average adult can be anywhere from 12 to 25 inches (30 to 64 cm) long. Due to being avid climbers, pest squirrels are really muscular and even have sharp claws. Their coloration, on the other hand, varies greatly, from shades of black to gray to red to brown. Meanwhile, their fur is typically short and thick, with bushiest along the tail. Lastly, their underbellies differ in color from the coats on their backs. Considering how variant these pests can be, it is only recommended to seek the help of a professional squirrel removal in Brooklyn NY.

Why Pest Squirrels Should Be Removed

It is given that these creatures are small, but their size does not necessarily mean they could not cause harm. As a matter of fact, they are being reported every now and then for causing grief amongst homeowners. In their efforts to find a suitable nesting place, they tend to chew their way into property structures.  Once they get inside, their nesting behavior begins and they start creating pricey consequences. How exactly? It is through destroying cherished belongings, insulation, and wiring.  When these unwelcomed guests get into your house’s attic, it is important to contact a professional squirrel removal in Brooklyn NY immediately.  If left unattended, the situation will escalate and lead to unnecessary trouble.

Why Hire a Squirrel Removal Expert

A squirrel population in your Brooklyn property is a matter that must be handled by professionals only.  Our licensed and well-trained squirrel removal technicians at Pro Pest Control NYC will perform a total inspection of your home. From there, everything will be assessed and you will be provided with the right solutions. Ultimately, the process will deliver a guaranteed peace of mind, as you will know that the situation is being handled with care and experience.

Pro Pest Control NYC will remove the squirrels from your home in a humane manner. Our technicians are experts in finding the places on the exterior of the structure where they have been entering. They will also offer you with animal-proofing options, which are meant to help stop the problem from reoccurring. You may also ask our experts to remove insulations or wirings that are either contaminated or broken, though this is already part of the overall treatment.  If there are suspicious noises that can be heard in your ceilings or walls – or there is concrete evidence of chewing on the roof – there is no need to wait. The longer you take action, the longer the squirrels will bring damages to your property.  Be fully aware of the hazards of this wildlife’s presence in your home, and do not think twice about calling Pro Pest Control NYC.

The Squirrel Removal Expert You Can Trust

Pro Pest Control NYC’s control and removal experts are specially trained to handle squirrel removal accordingly, including any urban and/or suburban wildlife control situations. Equipped with the least equipment and methods, control and removal of these pests is a walk in the park. But hey, our licensed experts do not just stop at getting them all out. They will also pinpoint just how these unwanted guests are finding their way in and out. More importantly, you will be provided with a detailed plan, suggesting how to keep these creatures from coming back again. Pro Pest Control NYC also offers other control and removal services that target rats, fleas, and pigeons, among other pests.