Rats are not only menacing but are also difficult to control, and there is a reason. This is simply due to their instinct. Unfortunately, this quality makes them a serious threat to the health and safety of your household and/or businesses in Brooklyn NY.

About Rats

In case you did not know, rats tend to be larger when compared to the common mouse. What is even worse is that they can cause more damage than the latter. They do not easily fall into baits or traps, as they are very mindful of control measures. They inhabit a number of areas, such as attics, basement, and garage, among many others. They even love to hide beneath concrete porches and use wall voids as their homes, as well as places you would think are difficult to reach. Like most pests, these unpleasant creatures carry with them multitude of diseases and parasites. They can bring fleas, lice, and ticks into your beloved home, as well as a number of diseases (e.g. Campylobacter, swine fever, toxoplasma gondi, yellow fever, etc.)

With all things considered, it is safe to say that a number of preventive measures must be done in order to ensure the removal of rat populations. These steps could by anything from closure of crevices and openings properly to installation of baits and traps in the right locations. But in order for these measures to be extremely effective, you need the help of a professional rat exterminator in Brooklyn NY. If your home is already infested with rats, make sure to call Pro Pest Control NYC.

Why You Need Rat Pest Control?

Are you having a hard time taking care of the annoying rat problem? If your answer is yes, then it is high time hire an expert. You see, rat pest control can be achieved through multiple strengths and types of gas, poisons, and traps, many of which can only be used by professional rat exterminator in Brooklyn NY. In any case, when such products are used, particular care must be taken to avoid any risks to people, pets as well as the environment. A do-it-yourself rat removal, unfortunately, does not effectively work while improper use of bait and traps will only lead to unintended consequences.

Even the cleanest home is vulnerable to rat infestation. Most homeowners employ several measures to prevent rats. However, even if you do not leave pets’ or other types of food outside overnight and your house is well-cleaned, these wily creatures can still enter your property easily.

Your Experts in Rat Control

Our experts at Pro Pest Control NYC know where rats like to hide. And mind you, rats can hide in a variety of places. Sometimes they like basements, but there are some of them that also like attics and other spaces. These creatures are so passionate in finding places to nest where they can raise their young with comfort. So, depending on signs that our experts find, the type of rat specie present in your home, including their hideouts, will be identified.

Rat Problem No More

It is our utmost goal to find the different ways rats are getting into your property. From there, our professional rat exterminator in Brooklyn NY will come up with the best solution to stop them and keep them away. That way, you will no longer have to worry about these pests gnawing on wires, destroying properties, or giving potential health risks.

Here are some rat extermination methods our experts at Pro Pest Control NYC provide:

  • We use the so-called integrated pest management method. The latter is basically an environmentally conscious approach specifically designed to utilize as fewer chemicals as possible. More importantly, it can target and treat areas where rats infest. By using this, we are capable of finding and using the right treatment and prevention methods.
  • We track down rats no matter where they try to hide and find the best ways to eliminate them for good.
  • We provide a plethora of solutions from bait stations to traps, all of which are proven to remove rats and prevent them from coming back ever again.

If you have seen signs of rats and you need immediate action, do not hesitate to give Pro Pest Control NYC a call. We are your go-to rat exterminator in Brooklyn NY. Our team will start inspecting your property right away. Once we assess the area, rest assured that these pests’ hideouts are located. From there, we will come up with the solutions to get rid of the pests and keep them out.