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Fleas are not only small but are also wingless parasitic insects. They constantly feed off of warm-blooded animals through the use of their skin-piercing mouths. Flea’s life just after a female flea feeds on a host.

From there, she will start laying eggs (usually around 4 to 8). After hatching, the eggs will develop into larvae and then proceed into what is called the “pupa” stage. During the latter, the flea can be seen encased in a cocoon, and as a result, tend to be resistant to almost all known flea removal treatments. After this stage, the adult insect grows out of it’s cocoon either on its own or through the help of vibrations from animal or human activity.

After a flea enters adulthood, it will begin to latch onto a host so as to feed on its blood. This is where it pierces its mouth on the animal’s skin. Keep in mind that every after blood meal, the female flea will lay eggs.

Are Fleas Harmful?

Yes, fleas are certainly harmful. They are harmful to both humans and pets. Apart from the inconvenience their itchy bites offer, these insects can also transmit pathogens to us through their saliva. As it bites into your pet or you, it automatically injects harmful bacteria that may result in diseases such as cat scratch fever, plague, and typhus.

In some cases, animals infected with fleas may not necessarily get sick or at least ridden with an active form of disease. However, this is not the case with humans. If you experience any untoward symptoms following flea bites, it is best to consult your doctor right away as this can be very dangerous if left untreated.

Get a Professional Flea Control and Extermination Service

Do not wait for things to get worse. Have your home checked by our flea specialists, so that they can determine which control and extermination method to use. They will properly identify the pest problem right away, so they can proceed with measures needed to eradicate these pesky creatures in the safest way possible.

It is recommended to have your pets removed from your property prior to the use of insecticides for fleas. Also, it is ideal to have them treated in order to prevent the return of flea infestation.

Do not worry – our experts will be there every step of the way and will even give you further instructions on site to make sure everything is being done properly and correctly. They will make sure that every doubt you have is addressed and eliminated, giving you true peace of mind.

Flea Treatment Tips

Interestingly enough, there are some things that you can do in order to prevent any flea infestation from happening. Check them out below:

  • Bring your pets to the vet especially when you see signs of flea infestation
  • Clean or discard anything infested with fleas immediately
  • Dispose of the vacuum bag and empty the filter outside
  • Mow your lawn regularly
  • Remove pillows and sheets infested with fleas and have them cleaned
  • Vacuum all floors and any upholstered furniture
  • Mop all floors and make sure to engage in regular house cleaning

Your Flea Control and Extermination Buddies

Always remember that fleas are a persistent threat. They will not stop unless you take some drastic measures against them. If you do not, fleas will continue making you and your pet’s life miserable.

They contaminate food, feed on blood, spread disease and are notoriously difficult to remove from the home or business. Keep in mind that they have four developmental stages, and each of these stages requires a certain effort and pest control method to achieve total eradication. Any blood meal will do. They do not mind the kind of host at hand. Once they have established themselves in your property, make sure to contact us for some professional flea control and extermination. We are your go-to NYC flea control exterminators. We can help you provide the best defense in fighting these unpleasant parasites.


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