Bird and Pigeon Control in NYC

Bird and Pigeon control in New York City are the professional pest control methods of deterring and getting rid of problems caused primarily by unwanted pigeons and starlings. It may also include the likes of seagulls and other birds that land, nest, or roost on properties.

However, in most cities and towns like ours, the most common problem for property owners is none other than feral pigeons.

Among the many problems associated with pigeons is the unhygienic soiling of properties, not to mention the unsightly view as a result of these birds’ roosting and perching. All birds tend to congregate on ledges, roofs, and window sills (though it usually depends on whichever place they deem most comfortable). When faced with any one of these bird problems, property owners tend to try getting rid of these things on their own, at first. From our experience, they are only doing more harm than good. This is why we offer the best NYC bird and pigeon methods in order to solve these issues of yours in the fastest, safest and humane ways possible. Our team of professional bird control specialists all possess the right mindset, skills, and tools to get the job done. No bird problem is too small or too big for us. We can always help you get rid of birds and pigeons in particular!

The Main Causes

In almost every case possible, the number once source of a bird problem is the act of deliberating and constant feeding of pigeons, something that is often done by an innocent general public. This could either via bird tables or open rubbish bins, though some involve discarded fast food containers. And of course, there is also that sense of purpose when feeding pigeons in open spaces such as parks. While this is simply an act of nourishing these creatures, it is also the catalyst for them to breed all through the year.

These types of city birds often favor positions that are situated high up on buildings, as they consider them safe areas for nesting and roosting. At the same time, these high perches give them the opportunity to see the entire surrounding areas as they scour for food and look after predators.

It is a fact that urban environments, albeit not all, are constantly growing. And with growth comes the proliferation of food sources topped with high roosting areas, which give pigeons and other birds their so-called “preferred habitats.” If you do not deal with the source of a pigeon problem, it is only expected to continue unabated. This, in particular, is the main reason why pigeon populations worldwide have rapidly grown and gone unchecked for the past few years.

Birds in Attics

Certain birds like pigeons love to live in the attics of both homes and buildings. While you may not notice it at first, this is actually a great health risk particularly to the property’s inhabitants (i.e. you and your family). Apart from health aspect to worry about, people are also bothered by the noise they make when roosting, not to mention the droppings that never seem to end, no matter how much you clean them off.

Aside from pigeons, another type of bird that poses a threat in New York City is the starling.

Starlings cause so many problems in the New York City area with the most common ones listed below:

  • They build nests in dryer or bathroom exhaust vents, a common thing they do during spring time specifically.
  • Starlings often enter soft areas just so they could build nests.
  • They also love to enter roof vents which they see as an entry point to the attic area. This activity usually results in what is now called a “hay stack” nest, something that is found under the vents in the said area.

Your Bird and Pigeon Control Experts

Fret not – we have the solution to handle all of your bird and pigeon control woes in New York City.

We are your complete NYC bird and pigeon control company. Each of our experts is insured, licensed, and state certified. We can and will help you develop a plan tailor-fitted to your specific bird needs. Our assessment will clearly explain what is needed to get the job done. We will discuss with you which method(s) to use according to your preferred time, budget, and unique needs.

We also specialize in services such as the removal of different infestations, such as ants, bed bugs, rodents, and termites just to name a few. We even provide removal services for squirrel and raccoons in attics, chimney, and any other general pest control throughout New York City.

Give us a call anytime to discuss your pest control problem with us. We can either set up an appointment or schedule a visit to have your property assessed. Our experts are always available to help you throughout every step of the way.


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